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Established in São Paulo, Brazil, by the beginning of 2014, FINOS FILMES emerges with the purpose of acting in three areas within the film industry: production, screening and criticism.

The company debuts with the shortfilm O Filho Pródigo (The Prodigal Son), awarded with Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress prizes at 18º Cine-PE, one of the major festivals in Brazil. In the same year, launches the musical mockumentary Classic Albums: O Terno, with the support of Rolling Stone magazine.

Also in 2014, creates and produces, in association with Quico Meirelles - from the renowed O2 Filmes -, the Festival de Finos Filmes, an international shortfilm festival. The event, held anually in May, is focused on productions of young filmmakers worldwide.

In June 2015, the company will premiere its third original film, Enquanto o Sangue Coloria a Noite, Eu Olhava as Estrelas (When Darkness Mantles the Stars), at the prestigious festival Olhar de Cinema.


For the second semester, it is planned the release of Finos, a shortfilm magazine.


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